Dr Driving Alternatives Part 4

Are you tired of playing old car racing games that provide less excitement and boring challenges? If yes, then you’re at the right place because we continue our series on dr driving alternatives. This is the 4 and second last part of dr driving Alternatives. These games are perfect for those who are looking for challenging missions and breathtaking environments.

Dr Driving Alternatives Part 4

dr driving alternatives part 4

City Car Driver 2020

Starting dr driving alternatives part 4 with an amazing game in which you can drive both cars and bikes and the name of the one and only who have both riding and driving is City Car Driver 2020. City car driver 2020 is not only a car racing game that provides a free environment whether you want to walk, ride a bike or drive a car in the city. City car driver 2020 is the only car game that provides all these features that other car games do not provide.

When you open the game, you will stand on the road with a bike and car on the left and right respectively. To drive any vehicle, go to the left side of the vehicle and press the door icon that shows on the screen, sit inside, and drive it.

dr driving alternatives-city car driver 2020

There are different vehicles around you like; school buses, police cars, vans, street cars, motorbikes, etc. Steal your favorite vehicle you want to drive. City car driver provides different camera angles including an interior cockpit view. Cars and motorbikes provide accurate physics engines which will give you a real driving experience and give you the feeling that you are driving in real life.

You can also earn virtual money by passing cash on the street. You can earn more cash by completing the missions which are described below.

1. School bus mission: Steal the school bus from the street and pick up the students who will be shown on the map. Drive them to the school at the given time otherwise, you will have to start it again.

2. Police car mission:  Steal the police car from the street and then it will locate you where the robbery is happening. Go to that place to catch the thief and take him to the police station.

3. Taxi mission: Steal the taxi from the street and pick up the passenger and reach the passenger to the destination.

4. Checkpoint mission: Drive a vehicle through the checkpoint circle and complete all the circles within time which is very easy. Complete checkpoint missions within time and in return, you will earn more and more coins.

5. Parcel delivery mission: Steal the van from the street and then go to the warehouse to pick up the parcel and deliver it to the people within time.

city car racer 2020

You will earn maximum money through these missions. Every mission has different money prizes. You can buy new and unique cars with the help of money.

City Car Drivers 2020 gives a beautiful city with a wonderful environment and luxurious buildings, police stations, schools, etc providing a realistic car driving experience with amazing 3D graphics. 

Trials Frontier

Trials frontiers in one of the addictive bike racing games that offer a thrilling adventure for players of all levels. In the trial frontier, there are up to 250+missions with more than 10 different environments. This game is completely different from all bike racing games. You will have to go through different obstacles in which you will do crazy jumps, mid-air flips, slick wheelies, menacing stunts, etc. You will have to maintain your balance while passing through different obstacles otherwise the game will be over.

Trials Frontier has an impressive physics engine. The game simulates the physics of real motorbikes. The game offers a range of customization options so the player can upgrade their vehicle to improve their performance. In addition, the game offers a multiplayer mode to provide the players with a platform where they can compete against each other.

Overall trials frontier is an outstanding bike racing game. With its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, it is a wonder that it is considered one of the best bike racing games available on Play Store today, If you’re a fan of motorcycle racing then this is the game you will never miss.

Street Racing 3D

Street racing is a 3D car racing game in which you will be racing with other cars in a crowded environment. We covered this game in Dr Driving alternatives part 4 due to its high-quality graphics with beautiful sound quality. Now, we are going to discuss how to play it and how to use its features. 

street racing 3D

When you open this game, a car will be showing on the screen. The first car showing is by default and free to use. For other cars, you will need a coin to purchase it. On the left side of the screen, you will see the full stats of the car like you will see the name of cars with their speed and time, etc. At the bottom, you will see the upgrade, maintain option where in the upgrade icon you will upgrade your car like you can upgrade its acceleration, Top speed, NOS Speed, etc while in maintain option you will repair your car with the to make it faster.

On the right side of the top, there is the task option. You will be provided with different tasks which you have to complete. There is a setting option on the top where you can on or off the music of the game. You can also change game quality, camera modes, and languages in the setting. On the right side, you will see coins, gems, and stars.

There are two playing modes whether you want to play in  PVP mode or CAREER mode. In career mode, you will start from an amateur challenge from London. If you perform well then you will play in Tokyo and New York as well. Every mission has its own fun like playing 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 6 in different countries. When you accomplish an amateur challenge then you will move on to Urban Rival, Club League, and many more. This game provides you with full friendly support while racing. If you hit the cars and walls then the game will not be over. It will automatically push your car on the road.

street racing 3D home screen


Are these games available on all platforms?

All three games City Car Driver 2020, Trials Frontier, and Street Racing 3D are available on both iOS and Android devices.

Are these games free to play?

Yes, all the above games are free to download, although they may contain in-app purchases that allow you to unlock additional content or features.

Can you play these games offline?

While some features may require an internet connection like online multiplayer modes otherwise all three games can be played offline as well.

Do these games have controller support?

Yes, all these games support external controllers, allowing for a more immersive and precise driving experience.


If you’re looking to switch up your driving game experience, there are plenty of alternatives to Dr Driving that are worth checking out. From the realistic open-world driving of City Car Driver 2020 to the high-speed thrills of Street Racing 3D, there’s something for every type of driving game fan. Trials Frontier offers a unique and challenging motorcycle racing experience. So next time you’re looking to hit the virtual road, give one of these games a try and see where the journey takes you.

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